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Cheapest Car Insurance For Married Couples – Discount Auto Insurance For Married People

Affordable Auto Insurance For Married Couples

Our study brings us to surveys conducted by California Department of Insurance (CDI). We came to the conclusion that these three companies listed below were rated the best for discount car insurance for married couples who maintain clean driving records and currently reside in central Los Angeles, CA. These three companies were taken from a list of about 50 companies offering auto insurance policies in California.

One thing to note about the premium comparison is the premiums were calculated based on the Insurance Carrier responses to the auto premium survey conducted by the California Department of insurance. Insurance quotes will be a little different as everybody’s insurance needs are a little different.

Metropolitan Direct

Also known as Metlife Property & Casualty Insurance Company, may be the best choice for married couples who maintain a clean driving record, according to rates illustrated on CDI, who showed the lowest premium of $912 for auto insurance based on the customer details above.


This insurance carrier is based locally out of San Diego, California and was noted as the company offering the 2nd lowest estimate at $972, for the married couple quoted.

Access General

Access General Insurance Company is based out of Atlanta and also was recorded as one of the cheapest insurance companies for married drivers with a clean driving history. Their submitted premium based on the factors shown above was $1,057.

Just keep in mind these figures above are based on very limited details. If just become married and would like to re-evaluate your insurance rates, the best thing to do is compare quotes from a variety of insurance companies offering coverage in California. This way you can be certain you’re getting the best insurance rates in California. You may also want to consider the above insurance companies if considering switching insurance carriers. To easily compare quotes from multiple agents and carriers, enter your zip above and complete our easy auto insurance quote form. Shoppers who compare rates alone can save as much as 40% on auto insurance.

Learn more tips on how to get cheap auto insurance rates in California, or you may check out our directory of local independent insurance agents in California.


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