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Cheap Insurance in Mississippi

Low Insurance provides an easier way to compare several insurance rates from both local and nationally recognized insurance companies. Generally, shoppers who take the time to compare quotes save an average of about $400. Also keep in mind, anytime you combine multiple lines of coverage with the same insurance company, discounts do apply.

Independent Insurance Agencies In Mississippi

Madison Insurance Agency, 1600 Highland Colony Parkway Madison, Mississippi 39110

Representing:: Progressive, Travelers, 

Call  601-853-4605

DeWitt Insurance, 4338 Park Ten Drive Diamondhead, Mississippi 39525

Representing:: Progressive, Travelers, 

Call  228-255-6575

To get the absolute lowest prices on auto, home or health insurance, often times shoppers will compare both local offers along side online rates. You can compare quotes a variety of ways whether it be calling around for a quote or comparing rates online.

Agencies / Locations

  • Madison
  • Diamondhead