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Our main goal is to offer shoppers with a useful guide for finding lower insurance in Vermont. We offer Vermont shoppers all in one source to compare insurance quotes from both local agencies and nationwide insurance providers.

Independent Insurance Companies In Vermont

  • Briggs Fowler Insurance Agency, Manchester Center
      Ph: 802-362-1225

    Briggs-Fowler Insurance Agency, an independent agency of Manchester Center, VT can provide you with a no obligation comparison review of your insurance….

  • Landry Insurance, Colchester
      Ph: 802-862-5775

    For over 20 years Landry Insurance, an independent Agency out of Colchester, Vermont has been providing professional insurance services throughout the state of Vermont….

  • Jamieson Insurance Agency Inc., Waitsfield
      Ph: 802-496-2080

    This Independent Agency has two offices, one in Waitsfield and the other Richmond Vermont. Need an auto and homeowners quote. See what Jamieson can do for you….

For Low Income Health Insurance in Vermont we found The Dr. Dynasaur and a number of other benefits programs. With programs like this available low-income families can rest easy knowing their children’s healthcare is covered at an affordable rate. Dr. Dynasaur offers health insurance coverage for eligible Vermont children, teens up to the age of 18, and pregnant women. Learn more about this program and others in Vermont by visiting

Agencies / Locations

  • Manchester Center
  • Colchester
  • Waitsfield