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    10 Cars Expensive To Insure – Avoiding High Insurance Rates

    These very high priced cars have an additionally high insurance premium quotes. When buying a new car, you may want to avoid them or be prepared to spend.

    1) Cadillac Escalade EXT 4×4: This huge SUV can cause major damage to anything it hits. If you were to be hit by one, your chances of being totaled out (with the losses that often come with it financially) are a lot higher. As the owner of one, your insurance premiums may be close to your loan payments depending on your driving record. While celebrities galore have tons of money to do this with, many of us simply can’t afford to keep up with the richer Jones’.

    2) Subaru Impreza WRD 4×4: These highly powered sports cars give many the experience of fast times, which can end in a wreck (and does sometimes). With the many young drivers, speed enthusiasts and other drivers that have caused many of these situations over time, comes a very steep insurance bill. Is it really worth that much for these particular gold rims and sleek blue paint?

    3) Hyundai Tiburon: Not all of the vehicles that cost higher for insurance coverage are expensive. This cost effective compact sports car also shares a high incidence of accidents with the increased rates that come with it.

    4) Mitsubishi Lancer: These sporty Japanese models share a lot of popularity in the rally circuit. It’s a piece of Japanese racing for those that really want to drift. The Lancer Evolution Series and others are definitely going to cost you more at the insurance agent.

    5) Scion 1C: The reason for these vehicles high insurance rates rests mostly on the high amount of drivers being under 25 (35% of them) and the accidents they bring about. As a vehicle class it is a higher risk to the insurers as a whole, so everyone insuring one will pay more.

    6) Acura RSX: These fun cars based on their parent companies Honda Civic R-Series are in great demand as well with sports car enthusiasts. In terms of collision claims it enjoys a very high number of them, meaning to the owners of all of them, Noticeably Higher Insurance Premiums.

    7) Nissan Sentra SE-R: Ricers (Racers that use aftermarket parts to beef up cheap cars) love these cars. The R spec of these is a prime candidate among them to build. The vehicle does have some faults that often end up beefed up as well, making their involvement in high payout accident claims an often event. You know it will have much higher insurance rates as a result.

    Suzuki Forenza: With their high horsepower and larger engines, these vehicles have had quite a few accidents. This as with the rest increases what the insurance companies will charge to insure yours should you have one as well.

    9) Mitsubishi Eclipse: Decked out versions of this favorite can carry quite high insurance premiums if it fits the description. Due to the movie “The Fast and The Furious”, many fans have gone all out, got the car, pimped it out, and you guessed it, wrecked them in higher amounts. Often the add-ons used reduce factors that make the probability of injury or accident higher. The insurance company may take their impressing to the bank with you.

    10) Chevrolet Cobalt 2DR: These American Sports cars have a lot in common with recent Vauxhall Astras. It’s not unheard of to experience high insurance rates with them as they do have accident history as a result.

    These may not be the latest figures, though close enough and these models are sure to remain high in the insurance pool. In addition to their higher accident figures comes a higher precedence of theft as well. It’s common for a car to disappear, and within days appear in many parts departments all over. This is especially prominent among the Cadillac Monster SUV owners.

    While these vehicles do cost most of their owners more to insure, if you must have one, make sure to shop around on insurance companies. You will still find a wider range of rates, and may even be able to find cheaper rates on your less risky vehicles/drivers. Most of the time, if you go with your first quote, you are paying way too much.

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