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    Should I Buy Full Glass Coverage, Windshield Replacement, Insurance Options

    Do You Really Need Full-Glass Coverage?

    Today I called around for windshield replacement on my Jeep Grand Cherokee. I feared the worse since I’ve seen how high the price of a windshield can get. I know the Toyota Prius has a pretty high priced windshield. My policy does not cover glass so everything from here on out is out of my own pocket. After calling about 5 shops I found what appears to be a very inexpensive price for a new windshield to be installed – $119. From the three calls I made, prices were between $119 and $280 which is why I always comparison shop. Anyways, I started thinking, I’m really glad I chose to go without the full glass coverage. The company I am with charges about $25 a month for full glass and I haven’t needed the coverage for about a year. If I had purchased my policy with full glass it would have cost about $300 so far. Since I chose to go without it and I found a shop that charges only $119, I’d say that was a pretty wise decision – If I do say so myself… Anyhow, this is my tidbit of advice on whether or not you should purchase full glass coverage; quote your windshield replacement before you buy insurance. If the replacement is fairly cheap I’d simply leave this coverage off the policy and self insure. Designate a special place to stash a few bucks every pay-day so you have the funds on hand if your windshield does suffer a crack. Also be sure to repair those stars like in the photo so they don’t spread. They’re easy to repair and you could save hundreds.

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