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    How Much Can You Save On The Auto Home / Auto Renters Multi-Line Discount

    Today we would like to introduce the possibility of a significant auto insurance discount. As you may know anytime you combine policies with an insurance company you’re going to save. Sometimes it will be when you place two cars on the same policy or when you insure your home with the same company as your Auto Insurer.

    We recently constructed a tool to determine how much your auto insurance would be if you also had your renters or homeowners policy with that same company. Generally the auto discount given for having both an auto and home or auto and renters policy can be anywhere from 5% to 15%. This much off your auto insurance could be well worth it if you currently pay higher rates for coverage or if you have several vehicles or drivers on your auto policy. Consider comparing auto insurance quotes with the multi-line insurance discount. Begin shopping for maximum savings by clicking here.

    How much is the average Homeowner or Renters policy?

    According the III, Insurance Information Institute, these below are the average premiums for both homeowners and renters coverage throughout the United States. Now depending on your specific location these premiums can be much lower or higher. This will depend on your location’s population, weather history, claim statistics, and several other factors regarding your personal insurance needs.

    Average Premiums for Homeowner and Renter Policies

    Year      Homeowners
    2000      $508
    2001      $536
    2002      $593
    2003      $668
    2004      $729
    2005      $764
    2006      $804
    2007      $822

    Look forward to more tools and tips to help you reduce your
    auto insurance as well as other lines of coverage. ~

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