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    Auto Insurance Discounts Available

    Insurance companies are big on trying to find ways to save drivers more on auto insurance. They place much effort into finding new ways to provide discounts to drivers in exchange for their business. Below you will find discount information on some of the top carriers offering auto insurance coverage.

    Progressive Insurance Discounts

    Progressive insurance provides discounts to those who pay for their entire policy up front.  By doing so drivers will save 10% on their auto insurance premium. This is also known as their “paid in full” discount.  Progressive auto insurance company also provides the multi-car discount. Progressive is also known for their accident forgiveness if you have a policy with progressive for at least 4 years in the remain free of any accidents for three consecutive years progressive will not raise your rates if you are found in a single accident anytime after this. If you’re a homeowner you may also receive a discount on your auto insurance policy.

    Geico Insurance Discounts

    Geico has a number of auto insurance discounts available to their policyholders. Geico gives discounts to Drivers who own cars with airbags, antilock braking systems and anti-theft systems. If you’re college graduate over the age of 25 and you maintain a 3.0 GPA you may be eligible for the college graduate discount which can save you up to 15% on your auto insurance. Progressive also offers discounts for completing defensive driving courses.  You may also be eligible for a 15% discount if you are active duty or retired military. Geico likes to keep their customers so they reward policyholders with discounts for renewing with their auto insurance coverage with them. Geico discounts their renewing customers up to 30%.  Again if you have two cars and choose to combine them both on the same policy you will also see a multi-car discount.

    Allstate Insurance Discounts

    Allstate auto insurance discounts are made especially available to safe drivers. If you have been free of accidents within the last three years you may be eligible for the premier discount. To be eligible for this discount you also must be clear of any moving violations as well. If you are clear of accidents and moving violations within the last five years you may be eligible for the premier plus discount. If you are the age of 55 years or older Allstate has a discount for you also. To be eligible for this discount you must take an approved defensive driving course. This discount is not available in all states, you must check with your local agent for eligibility.  If your car has a anti-lock braking system this will also help bring your premium down. If you have an anti-theft device to your car you may also be eligible for another discount.   Allstate also has a program for students and it’s the good student discount. If you at least 25 years of age and unmarried and a full-time student with the minimum required GPA you may be eligible for this discount.  These are just some of the discounts that are available to you by Allstate Insurance company.  Contact an Allstate agent today for the latest discounts available to you.

    State Farm Insurance Discounts

    State Farm insurance discounts. Their are a number of discount available to you by State Farm insurance Company. They have a multiple vehicle discount and a multiple line discount. Basically if you put two cars on policy save more. If you combine your homeowners insurance and auto insurance you may also be eligible for discount. State Farm also provides discounts for good students, defensive driving and accident free drivers. Discount will vary from state to state so you must contact your local agent for more information.

    The General Insurance Discounts

    The General, auto insurance company, offers homeowners discounts on their auto insurance policy. If you have two cars the general also give you a discount if you choose to combine them both on one policy. If you’re above the age of 60 and have one or no minor violations and no accidents within the last two years and you decide to complete an accident prevention course you will also be eligible for a discount. If you need comprehensive and collision coverage you will also be eligible for a discount if you double your deductible for the first 45 days of your policy.  Just a quick note the deductible is the amount you must pay before the insurance pay you for any claims you make.

    While many of these insurance companies share the same types of discounts, the best way to really determine if you’re getting the lowest rate for the coverage you need is by comparing quotes online. Most drivers will save an average of up to $300 when they choose to comparison shop for auto insurance.

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