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New Years Resolutions, Save Money on Auto Insurance :)

2010 is upon us and what better time to begin saving money on auto insurance. Below are a few ways you can go about reducing your insurance costs and maintaining low cost premiums for 2010.

2010, A good year to shop around…

So many people I’ve talked to say, “I’ve been with so-and-so company for 20 years, I’m not sure if I want to change.” Yes, sometimes change can be scary. However change can be good also. I recently worked a case where I helped a shopper who was with their prior for many years get set up with an ‘A’ rated insurance carrier offering quadruple the coverage at the same price they were currently paying. This client went from just above state minimum limits to 100/300 limits of liability. You can click the following link to learn more about liability auto insurance.

Tis the Season to Combine Policies…

Did you know it’s actually possible to get an auto home package for less than the auto insurance alone. Take for example a family with two teen drivers who pay $3000 a year. Let’s say they packaged their auto and homeowners with the same company to save 15% on their auto insurance. $3000 minus 15% = $2550. Now lets say the homeowners quote comes to $400. Now that customer is paying $2950 a year for both auto and homeowners insurance. If your a young driver paying the high rates and you currently rent you can do this, request a standalone auto quote and an auto + renters quote. You may find a similar situation.

Are your a Speed Racer?

This one took years for me to learn how to do. Not everyone has a lead foot but growing up through my early 20s, I had an open stretch of highway between work and home. Not that having an open stretch of highway is any excuse to speed but I did build a nice collection of speeding tickets during that time. If you happen to have the need for speed maybe it’s time to slow it down and live a bit more cautious. There are too many good people out there who have lost their lives and sometimes their freedom due to the bad driving choices they’ve made. If you keep all your racing at the track, not only will you see your tickets slowly come off your record, the risk of getting in an auto collision and harming yourself or others will also be far less which will result in greatly reduced auto insurance rates.

About our system: provides a way for shoppers to either request a comparison auto insurance quote from a local agent or request an online comparison quote and easily view rates online. The choice is yours. Begin saving for 2010 and get your comparison car insurance quote today.


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