Aug 12 2008

Suspected Healthcare Increases for 2009

Published by admin at 10:40 pm under Health News

A survey done by Aon Consulting Worldwide shows an expected rise of more than 10% on health care costs in 2009.  Even though a 10% increase seems outragious, Aon states it’s the smallest increase they’ve seen in the last 6 years. Wellness and disease management programs have some part in helping health costs from rising as much as they have within the last decade.  About 70 health insurers within the United States, including Aetna and Cigna took part in this survey.  Costs will continue to rise due to the growing demand for services , perscription drugs and technology costs.  The use of generic brand drugs will help maintain lower health care costs.  Aon Consulting has seen a steady decline in health cost increases since 2002. We must continue providing programs and systems to help keep health care costs as low as possible.  We don’t want these steady health cost decreases to bottom out and head in the opposite direction.

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