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One of the best ways to save on health insurance, of course, staying healthy. Higher risks go hand in hand with higher insurance rates. For smokers, the best thing to do is attempt kicking that habit. I know this is much easier said than done.


My personal story…

Smoking since a freshman year in high school, quitting was no easy task. It took several attempts before quitting all together and thats typical. Each failed attempt made is a great mental preparation for the next attempt. My last successful attempt to quit happened with a visit to my doctor, prescribed pills to help take the edge off, and a month supply of nicotine patches. About the third day into it, my nerves were so stessed I ended up visiting the emergency room with what I thought was chest pains. The pain turned out to be an esophagus disorder, acid reflux, which I’ve never experienced in the past and I’ve never had since.


Article Continued…


Now what benefits come out of this horrible event. A healthier life, lower health insurance rates, the money saved, the list goes on. If your a smoker and plan to quit make a list of benefits to keep with you. If you have a relapse, keep a journal of what caused so you can better prepare for the next time you decide to quit.


The rate differences between smokers and non-smokers is no joke. Blue Cross of Minnesota claims to cut up to 40% off insurance costs for indivdiuals who have not smoked in the last 3 years. Now if you smoke a half a pack a day and pay $150 for your health insurance, after you quit over time you’ll save up to $90 on cigarettes and roughly $65 on health insurance. Thats $155 extra you will have at the end of the month plus what you’ll save on car insurance rates. Yes, auto insurance companies also factor in smoking which is reason enough to keep trying to quit. In time, with the right motivation you will find success.

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