Allstate places focus on the #1 reason why accidents happen, the alertness of our own mind when driving. Allstate announced Today a new program that will help improve the alertness of drivers. The program is called “Insight”, which is designed to sharpen a driver’s visual alertness and reverse any age related cognitive decline. This program will help reduce the rate of auto accidents amongst insured drivers who are 50 years of age and older, Allstate hopes to begin offering insurance discounts to those who choose to go through the program exercises.Allstate didn’t choose just anyone to help in the design of the program. The developer of “InSight”, Posit Science, is the leader in clinically validated brain fitness programs. I hope the InSight Program works out to be another tool we can use to better avoid collisions, citations and high insurance rates. Also another discount available to those who are eligable is great news. The more drivers can reduce the risk of driving, the lower our premium rates will drop.

“Allstate’s commitment to reinventing protection for the consumer — at every stage in life — goes beyond protecting possessions. With this revolutionary program, we’re offering people an innovative solution in hopes of improving their personal safety and quality of life,” said Tom Warden, assistant vice president, Allstate Research and Planning Center. “Allstate has a strong history of providing differentiated products and services that add value for our customers, and we are continually seeking solutions to build upon this commitment. Together with Posit Science, we are embarking into an uncharted territory helping to meet the needs of a growing population.” Read More

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