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If you are a Jacksonville driver, defensive driving is a must. With over 805,605 residing within the inner city limits, there will be risks to watch out for. Over 6,420,000 car accidents happen every year. 33% of fatal car accidents are caused by drivers under the age of 25.

This is why it is especially important for parents to push to their teens the importance of safe driving. no matter how often a parents advice seems to go in one ear just to seep out the other, the more you tell teens, the more effective your advice will be; especially if you start discussing the subject before its time for them to get behind the wheel.

Jacksonville Drivers can also look forward to the new moves Progressive is taking to help give incentives to safe drivers. So far their “Myrate” program is only active in Alabama, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey and Oregon. It is expected to spread throughout the U.S which will help with keeping young drivers safe behind the wheel. It’s an electronic device that when installed in the Insured’s vehicle it will record how often you drive after midnight, how many miles you drive a year and how often you practice defensive driving. Discounts will come to those who take advantage of the program.

December 30th, 2008

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