Homeowners Insurance, Maintaining Affordability


There are many things that come with a homeowners policy. The first line of coverage will be directly related to the value of your home. This is also known as Dwelling A Coverage.

Your homeowners policy will also set an amount to cover your other structures such as non-connecting sheds and carports. The amount of coverage is usually set by a fixed percentage of the Dwelling Coverage A

So what else are you getting from your homeowners policy? You will be able to select personal liability coverage starting at $100,000 and going up from there. If your dog happens to go after someone jogging down the sidewalk, there’s a strong chance that dog may inflict injury onto that person which would result in a lawsuit. This is where your personal liability coverage would come into play. Your homeowners insurance will also pay for legal services needed due to a claim. That alone can get very expensive.



Getting Affordable Homeowners Insurance

The one thing that will increase a home policy is claims. If you have a history of claims, this shows the company you are a higher risk to insure. The best way to keep your homeowners insurance at a low cost is by avoiding any potential claims. Take a walk around your home and see if there is anything that can cause a future claim.

  • Are there any large tree branches hanging over your roof?
  • Is there an easy way for Fido to get outside his fence?
  • Are there any dangerous tools laying out in plain site?
  • Do you have a pool and how do you go about securing it from children?

Other toys may not be worth the risk. I recently made a visit to youtube and found 3,590 results after doing a search for “trampoline accidents”.

A few months ago I had a wasp nest just above my electric meter. I ended up getting a notice from the electric company that my new wasp visitors had stung a meter reader. Now if he were allergic, that could of ended up to be an ugly claim. Moral of the story, keep your eyes open for anything that can potentially turn into a claim.

Here are a few other ways you can lower your homeowners insurance costs:

  • Combine your home and auto policy with a single company. Doing this will significantly reduce your auto policy premium. You will also save more by paying for the policy “in full” prior to the date the policy goes into effect.
  • keeping your home’s electric, plumbing and roof updated. If you don’t keep your roof updated this can result in cracks that contain water. This can cause roof damage and if not taken care of, water damage. Update information will be asked during the quote process.



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