Low Auto Insurance Coverage – A time to save.

Times seem to be tough all around.  The cost of living continues increasing and time continues passing us by. The sad fact is, as the cost of living is rising, so is the unempoyment rate. What do we do? 

It seems as if more and more people are beginning to fear the possibility of getting laid off. With this in mind there is no better time to take a look into the ways we spend and ways we can save. While there are many methods to start saving on a daily basis, you may want to consider taking a closer look at your insurance expense as well.

Affordable auto insurance rates, 5 things a driver should know.

1. Analyze your personal auto insurance needs. Do you have an older car that doesn’t need collision and comprehensive? Can you afford to raise your deductible for a lower auto insurance premium rate? Just remember your auto insurance will not pay for damages to your car until the deductible has been paid.

2. Ask your agent if there are any discounts available. Some insurers will provide discounts to those who take defensive driving courses, student drivers who maintain a “b” average, and those who own more than one vehicle usually can get an additional discount for covering both on a single policy.

3. Comparing rates is also an effective way to save more on you auto insurance coverage. The internet has made this very simple compared to the old way of calling around for a good rate.  If you would like a comparison auto insurance quote click here.

4. Homeowners can also get an affordable auto insurance by taking advantage of a multi-line insurance discount. Homeowners get this discount by combining their auto and home insurance quote into one single policy.

5. In most cases, liabilty coverage will cost the same amount whether you drive a Toyota camry or a ford mustang. However if you add comprehensive and collision to your policy, the type of car you drive will be taken into consideration. Small four door family cars will usually come with the most affordable rates. Four wheel drive vehicles and sports cars are known to be higher risk therefore drivers of these types of vehicles can expect a higher auto insurance rate.

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