Insurance Quotes: Better Methods for Online Insurance Quotes

The goal we have at Low Insurance and security is to provide a quality multi-service system for helping shoppers obtain auto insurance quotes online and locally. There are a few ways that shoppers can request multiple insurance quotes online. Below are a few effective systems we’ve found online. Explained below are how some Today’s online quoting systems work.

Online Quotes with Rated Comparisons

Now some websites are built to allow you to compare your insurance quotes side by side with a few different companies. In most cases these systems are built by the Independent Insurance Markets who represent companies such as Travelers, The Hartford, Progressive and Metlife. These systems are great if these Independent Insurers are the companies you would like to compare your quotes with. The only drawback I see is there are several captive insurance companies you will not be able to compare your rates with such as Allstate, Statefarm and Gieco. Even with this drawback, this type of comparison quote system is found to save shoppers more money a majority of the time.

Other Online Insurance Quote Systems

Some systems are built to receive your quote request which is sent to several local Agents who will end up contacting you to provide the rate that they have quoted for you. Your quote may be sent to 5 or 6 local Agents from different Companies. This is one way to compare quotes if you don’t mind being called by a few different Agents The drawbacks I see is you may receive more calls than you would like to receive. Also, In some cases, your quote may be sent to more than one independent Agent representing the same Independent Carriers.

Captive Online Insurance Quotes

Some shoppers prefer getting a quote online directly with the company. If you have the time to go from one company to the other filling out quotes, this will be an effective way to compare rates. The only drawback with this is you may find it to be a timely process. Also your quotes are only for that specific company and you cannot easily compare quotes between multiple Insurers.

Low Insurance and Security’s Insurance Quote System

We have built our system to provide more than one way to comparison shop for your auto insurance needs. We are tied in close with an independent insurance comparison service and we can also help get you quoted by multiple local agents or even a single local Independent Agent who can do a detailed comparison between 5 or more companies.

Interested in saving more on auto insurance? You couldn’t find a better time to begin saving more money.
You can begin by using our resource to compare auto insurance quotes online. I’m confident this website can help reduce your premiums today.

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