Toyota Prius under Investigation, Accident Avoidance

At times you’ll find yourself driving along with someone following too closely or approaching to quickly. If this happens to you simply turn on your blinker and carefully pull to the side of the road. These days you never know what the issue is with the driver or the vehicle.

As you may have read, there is a recent story in the news about a guy who had his Prius take control of the wheel accelerating itself to over 80 mph on a San diego freeway. There is an investigation underway to determine what caused this. Early they issued a recall regarding the braking system. The man had a difficult time attempting to slow his vehicle down and called 911 for assistance. The Driver continued trying to lift the accelerator and hit the brakes with no luck. Once the Police caught up to the vehicle they began instructing him what to do over a loud speaker. They instructed the driver to to pull the emergency brake and turn off the engine while a police cruiser helped slow down and guide the vehicle from the front. Luckily no one was injured and it all came to an end.

A similar incident happened to a women who was pulling out of her home one day. The accelerator stuck causing her to crash into a brick wall. This accident resulted in the woman needing medical attention.

Side Thought: Will owners of the Toyota Prius experience a rate increase? Hmmm.

Moving Forward but will it stop?

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