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    5 Reasons to Shop for Low Cost Auto Insurance Today

    How long has it been since you’ve shopped for auto insurance?  Some people find their Agent and stick with the same company for years.  Here are a few good reasons why it may be time to shop for a new insurance company.

    1. Your Current Rates, Are you getting the low car insurance rates you deserve?

    If you found your Agent 20 years ago, what chances are there that your paying the same rates you paid 20 years ago?  Have you seen any rate reductions throughout previous years?  If you’ve maintained a clean record, today you should be paying a fraction of what you were paying in earlier years.

    2. Companies Ratings Change

    Companies will periodically change the way they rate certain groups of Drivers.  A company that offered the most expensive rate 5 years ago may now offer the best rate for your specific group of Drivers.

    3. Have you bought a new or traded in your old Vehicle?

    Trading in or buying a new car is a great reason to re-evaluate your auto insurance coverage as well as the company who provides it to you.  While some companies offer great auto insurance rates dependent on the Driver insured, other companies take a very close look at the vehicle also.  You insurance company may love your driving history but may also dislike the type of vehicle you are driving.  If historic data shows a large number of claims from Drivers with that same vehicle, this will result in the vehicle being rated higher than usual.  Some companies are ultra sensitive when it comes to the vehicle type while other Insurers focus more on the Driver instead of the type of vehicle they drive.

    4. Car Insurance for a married couple…

    When two people get married they can now combine their auto insurance with one Company.  There are some great benefits to doing this.  First you will see a discount for having two vehicles on a single policy.  Drivers who are married are rated much less than those who are single.  When I married my wife I literally seen our overall premium drop significantly compared to what our rates were before marriage.

    5. Shopping is easier than it used to be:

    It’s true, shopping for car insurance today is much different than it once was.  The internet is very young and most of us remember what it was like shopping for insurance before the internet was as useful as it is today.  Now it’s very easy to get insurance quotes online and compare quote from company to company without the influence of an Agent on the phone.

    About our Insurance Quote System

    We give shoppers three choices when it comes to shopping for auto insurance on  These choices include comparing quotes online, requesting quotes from multiple local agents with only having to fill in a single form, and finally requesting a quote from a local agent or broker who can comparison shop several markets for You.  With this last option you are given the opportunity to select an Independent Insurance Agent near you.

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