Lexus Safety and Security

While low cost insurance is important, we also like to discuss and the safety and security features found in vehicles of today. With more security features being added to these vehicles your reducing several risks.

Today the taken as close look at the 2010 Lexus IS Model. This cars have safety and security features including air bags, vehicle stability features, the Pre-Collision System, tire pressure monitor, safety connect and a theft deterrent system.

With the vehicle stability feature the Lexus IS uses sensors which are designed to anticipate loss of control such as a skid before it actually happens. When the loss of traction is detected the system will integrate steering and brakes to help the driver maintain in control.

The Pre-Collision System is also any feature found in the Lexus model. A radar sensor that is mounted on the front of the vehicle Can detect if another vehicle is ahead. If the vehicle senses a potential for a front collision the brigh assist system will be preped this will increase the braking force for when the driver steps on the brakes.

Safety connect is another feature was found in many vehicles today and it’s a great feature to have. You you’re in an auto collision safety connect will connect the driver and passengers with Emergency assistance.

The Lexus IS also comes with a the theft-deterrent-system which will actually immobilize the engine if the vehicle doesn’t recognize the code transmitted by the owner’s key. The system records a new code each time the vehicle is armed or disarmed.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave the Lexus IS 250/300, for models between 2006 to 2010, a GOOD overall evaluation for side impacts tests. The dummies used in the crash test utilize several sensors to determine the injuries of both the Driver and passengers in the event of a side collision. Measures indicated a low risk of any major injuries being the result of the side crash which was tested.

Side Impact Test

It’s nice to see good results come from what appears would be a pretty serious side impact.

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