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    Car Security, Auto Insurance Discounts

    Low Insurance and Security understands the importance of protecting oneself from theft and vandalism. Most times insurance companies will not pay for smaller losses such as a stolen portable CD player or even a cell phone you may have left inside your car by mistake. How about vandalism?  If some rude person comes by and busts your side mirror, what can you do?  If the damages are less than your comprehensive deductible it will be your loss.

    More on Comprehensive Coverage:

    If you have comprehensive coverage the Insurer may pay for the Window someone busted up to get to your portable CD player but not the CD player itself unless it was attached to the car; such as a car radio. Insurers will only pay for damage done to your car if you have comprehensive coverage. Having collision only your liability coverage only will not be the Insurance you need to cover these types of claims.  The best thing to do to help yourself from these experiences is to install an anti-theft system.

    Car Security, The Benefits:

    So what are the benefits to having a car alarm installed on your vehicle? Not only will you be better protected from instances such as theft or vandalism, you may also qualify for an insurance discount depending on the provider that you currently work with. Some insurance companies provide discounts up to 15% if you have a car security device installed. Insurance companies like when you take the extra initiative to reduce unnecessary risks. This is why some Insurers have adopted rate discounts for Customers with security devices installed. Low insurance and security took the extra step to connect directly with car security manufacturers so we can offer you these products at a you affordable price. Crimestopper is one of our main suppliers we work with.  For over 20 years Crimestopper has designed security systems with the winning mix of security, convenience and value-added features.

    Crimestopper SP100 $60.00 Click Image for Details

    Crimestopper SP200: $75.00 Click Image for Details

    Crimestopper SP400: $135.00 Click Image for Details

    If you would like to order one of our automotive security alarms contact us using the form below.

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