Safety Features Found In Today’s Luxury SUVs

Two common luxury SUV Models include the 2010 Mercedes M-Class and the 2010 BMW X5. Vehicle Manufactures continue designing and implementing additional safety features which is great and I can only hope Manufactures continue their focus on vehicle safety. Learn more about a couple of the newer safety features found in Vehicles of Today.

Safety Feature found in the 2010 BMW X5

The 2010 BMW X5 is one vehicle that’s packed with more and more safety features every year. One safety feature that I’ve always enjoyed is the Electronic Stability Control device which is also found in the X5. This isn’t the newest piece of technology but it has continually been improved and is worth a mention. This device is an electronic technology that will help detect and minimize skidding. Basically when the device senses a loss in control of the steering it will apply brakes to the one or more wheels in order to counter the skid and regain control. Once the appropriate amount of braking is applied to the specific wheels needed, the Driver can then regain control and point the car better in the way the Driver intends. This electronic device will also reduce the power of the engine until the control of the vehicle is regained. The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety has estimated a 1/3 of fatal accidents could have been prevented if in fact this device was installed in all vehicles. In days to come, I can see this being one device that will be found in most vehicles found on the road.

Other safety features found in the 2010 BMW X5 include:

Pretensioner, side airbags, tire pressure monitor, a 4-wheel ABS system, Energy Management Feature, Lower Anchorage for child seats, and other advanced airbag features.

The 2010 Mercedes M-class

I’ve found the Auto Crash Notify feature to be a great addition and also should be installed on all newer vehicles on the market today. This sophisticated system can determine if the vehicle has been in an auto accident by sensors that determine the change in G-forces. Once a crash is determined the system is activated and begins reading several factors which help determine the severity of the crash and injuries that may have resulted. This device will determine airbag deployment, how many occupants in the vehicle and usage of safety belts. Through the use a global positioning satellite the system will also relay information regarding the orientation as well as the location of the vehicle. Passengers in the vehicle will be connected through a voice link to a call center who may help calm passengers and connect them with the appropriate 911 operator servicing that area who may then send out emergency assistance. When it comes to a severe auto collision, response time is an important factor that will determine the outcome of a Passenger’s health and well-being.

Other safety features found in the 2010 M-Class include:

Electronic stability control (as explained above), pretensioner, 4-wheel ABS and Traction control, lower anchorage for child seats, side front airbags, dynamic head restraints, tire pressure monitoring and other advanced airbag features.

Additional Note: Insurance rates between luxury vehicles can vary by several hundred depending on the safety features installed in each vehicle. Vehicles with additional safety features help lower your risk to accidents as well as injury which is why rates for safer vehicles are generally reduced by auto insurers.

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