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There are several ways to shop for car insurance but are you getting the best rate? How are you to know your getting the best rate even if you compare rates of several Insurers. The only way you can be sure to get the best rate is to be honest from the get-go.

Let’s say you get your quotes and find that company A offers the best rate for the coverage you need. If you miss a minor detail this rate can end up changing on you after you purchase your policy. If the Company finds a violation from a couple years ago, they will increase the rate regardless of whether or not you already paid for your policy. The rate increase may be higher than what company B may have offered in the first place.

Tickets, Accidents and Claims

How are you to know when each ticket, accident or claim occurred? One way is to call a local Agent and request a quote using the information you have. Once the quote has been completed ask the Agent to go ahead and run the MVR and Clue reports to be sure the information you submitted is correct. These reports will provide dates of all violations, accidents and amounts on any claims that were filed. Now not only will you have an accurate quote from the Agent you called, you also have all the information you need to get accurate quotes elsewhere easily. Just make sure to write all the information down that the Agent mentioned. Your MVR and Clue report is the same reports all companies will pull when finalizing your insurance quotes.

There are also places online where you can pull your own public records from your county court. You may be able to get dates of violations but these resources will not provide any information regarding claims you’ve may have made in the past.

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