My Car Was Stolen and Set on Fire

Have you ever had to experience the unique feeling of having your vehicle stolen and left to burn? It’s tough not to take an action like this personal. Someone had no care in the world to stop and think before making these unfortunate choices. In most cases all we can do as citizens is file a police report, file an insurance claim and eventually move on.

Sometimes a loss may occur and there isn’t much you can do to influence the Insurance Company to reimburse you for a total loss. Although you may feel it should be a total loss it’s ultimately up to the Insurance Company when it comes to making the choice whether to repair the vehicle or reimburse the Insured for the total value.

Most Drivers will prefer the full value of the vehicle reimbursed instead of having the vehicle repaired when dealing with a loss caused by fire. If your vehicle was stolen and set a blaze yet the fire didn’t fully destroy the vehicle itself, how will the Insurance Company handle the claim? I recently read a story of an Insured who was concerned of the outcome of their insurance claim. This person had their vehicle stolen and set on fire. At first it sounded as if the insurance company was going to reimburse the Insured for the entire value of the vehicle. After a little more research the Insurance Company decided to “repair” the vehicle instead.

The insurance company has the right to either reimburse the Insured for a total loss of repair the loss. With a car set on fire, even when you repair it, the vehicle may be left with the smell of fire reminding the Insured of the horrible experience each and every time they get into the car. If the insurance company does decide to “repair” the vehicle it’s only right for them also pay a restoration service to professional remove any odors caused by the fire. It’s the Insurance companies’ obligation to repair all damaged items. If you’re the Insured in this situation you must take notes and be sure to remind the Insurer of their obligation to completely repair the vehicle if that is the route they choose to take.

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