Getting an Affordable Homeowners Insurance Policy

For as much coverage you get with a standard homeowners policy, the policy itself is priced pretty well in most cases. Not only will you have coverage for your home in case of fire or other losses, you also will have coverage for liability claims. Let’s say you’re at a park with a friend and accidentally cause that friend an injury during a game of football. The personal liability coverage can help protect you from a financial loss in this situation. You’ll also find that with a standard homeowner’s policy you will get coverage for other structures, personal property and loss of use. There are also several other additional endorsements you may add such as sewer backup and even identity theft coverage.

So how do you go about getting a cheaper homeowners insurance policy?

One of the best ways to get cheaper insurance in general is by reducing your risk. The same goes for homeowner’s insurance. Here are a few things you can do to reduce risk.

1. Make sure exterior doors are protected with deadbolts.
2. Keep a fire extinguisher in an easy to access area.
3. Consider installing a home security system.
4. Avoid purchasing high risk toys such as trampolines.
5. Keep the plumbing and electrical updated.
6. Keep the roof updated to avoid leaks and risk dry-rot and flooding.
7. Understand some pets can also increase your risk of claims.

These are a just a few ways you can help reduce your risk. Whatever steps you take to reduce your risk may help your rates come down, (if not immediately in the future). One of the best ways to get an affordable homeowner’s insurance policy is by both combining your auto and home with the same company and by comparison shopping rates with several companies. If you would like to get multiple quotes from local agents in your area you can start by visiting our homeowners insurance section.

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