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Studies have always shown young drivers to be at high risk behind the wheel. While feels unfair to some, the stories I am about to share may shed some light on why insurance companies rate Teen Drivers the way they do.

Today I went to google news and did a search for “teen driver” just to see what popped up. Here are some of the stories and articles that were pulled.

A Teen Driver who was charged in a deadly Oakland crash

Apparently a 17 year old boy was charged with manslaughter for the death caused to a 66 year old woman. This young teen was driving a stolen camry trying to run from two gang suppression units.

Teen Driver hits Bus

The second story just below this one was about a Teen who crashed into a bus. This 16 year old driver was driving in tough weather conditions for the first time. She was unable to stop her car on the ice and hit the back of a bus.

Teen Smashes into 3 Cars

Another breaking story discusses how a Teen Driver finally came to a stop after smashing into three cars. This Teen was found to be intoxicated over 7 times the alcohol limit.

This page has updated since with more wrecks and sad case stories. Just yesterday I read about a female Teen in Phoenix who, “for a fun game” decided to play chicken with her brother in a parking lot. She ended up accidentally running over him. He died soon after the incident.

A Cheap Auto Insurance for your Teen

So if your a Teen Driver sit down with them and explain the importance of safe driving. If you are trying to find an affordable auto insurance for a teen, there are only a few things you and your Teen can do to help reduce these rates that have been set so high. Show the Insurance company your Teen is responsible. Have your teen take driving courses to begin building that trust. Another way your rates will be reduced is if your Teen driver can carry a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Having good grades is a great way to express responsibility. Many parents will start their teens on an older car. This way you can insure the Teen on a vehicle that only needs liability coverage. If your teen is insured on a newer vehicle with full coverage, the difference in premium is significantly higher compared to an older vehicle with liability only coverage. If your in the market for an older vehicle for your Teen Driver consider a small to mid-size car with better than average safety features.

When it comes time to get a quote for your Teen Driver, as always, one of the best ways to be sure your getting the best rate is to compare quotes from different companies. Here at low-insurance we provide a few ways for shoppers to compare rates online as well as locally. How you want to compare rates is your choice. We have the tools to help assist you. Thanks for visiting and I wish you luck with your comparison shopping efforts.

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