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    Finding Low Auto Insurance for all Drivers

    Accidents happen every day. Insurance is the one thing that can save you from financial turmoil in the event you are at-fault for a collision. Comparison shopping for your auto insurance can go a long way whether your driving record is perfect or has been put through a few dings.

    If you have a couple accidents on your record, that does not mean keeping insurance coverage can no longer be an option. In my earlier driving years, I was at-fault for a couple of accidents and had racked up a few tickets on my record as well. My only option by this time was to drop my comprehensive and collision. This dropped my insurance premium from $400 a month, yes I said, “a month” to $45 a month. Although I no longer had collision, I still knew I was driving legally and was prompted to drive much safer after seeing the effects of my actions. Before dropping the amount of coverage it is a good idea to compare rates on the amount coverage you prefer. Comparison shopping is key when it comes to finding an affordable auto insurance rate for drivers with less than a perfect record. Most Drivers will see up to a $400 difference in their six month premium by comparing rates of top Insurance companies. This huge price difference illustrates the importance of comparison shopping. Every Insurance company has it’s own formula for figuring premium rates. Our goal as a Drive is to find the formula that works for you. The Insurer will take your age, sex, where you live, driving record and the type of car you drive. If it’s only liability coverage you need, the type of car you drive will usually have little to no affect on the premium.

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