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When we shop for car insurance, we naturally tend to focus on the bottom line premium. We all do. However, while getting a good insurance rate is important, it is more crucial to focus on the proper protection first, price second.

Consider the following:

Bodily Injury coverage may be the single most important piece of your auto policy. If you are at-fault in an accident and the other driver (or their passengers) are hurt they will expect you to cover their injuries. In turn, you will expect your insurance policy to fully cover the claim against you. What if you hit a pedestrian, a child on a bike or a motorcyclist? You could easily cause disability or death.

Bodily Injury provides protection to those you injure from all these situations. But it only provides protection to the limit of your policy. If you carry too little bodily injury coverage, you may be setting yourself up for financial trouble.

In some states, you are allowed to carry $15,000 as a minimum on bodily injury. That might cover basic accidents. But in cases where there are significant injuries, disability or even death - this amount will fall far short of what is needed. That is when you can be subject to a lawsuite. Keep in mind, people can even sue you for lost income if they are unable to work due to the accident, in addition to medical costs sustained and long term disability.

Carrying too little Bodily Injury:

What happens if you don’t carry enough Bodily Injury on your policy to cover the claims against you? Simple, you will be sued personally. The claimant likely will hire an attorney to ascertain your assets and income. By court order, you can be required to provide a complete listing of your assets and income. If you do not have lots of assets or savings, the claimant can potentially obtain a judgement against your future earnings. Not a pleasant thought, is it?

When shopping for car insurance, seek the best rate you can find. But also seek the proper coverage to protect your assets, savings, current and future income.

Most consumers should carry at least $100,000 on Bodily Injury. It won’t cover every possible situation but will provide a decent level of coverage and protection for you and those you hit. Should you feel that amount is not enough, most insurance carriers offer the ability to purchase higher levels of coverage.

Remember, bodily injury coverage protects YOU as well as those you hit. By using an insurance shopping service such as ours, you can often accomplish both objectives - a good policy and great price!

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How does a car dealership commercials attempt to hook a potential shopper? Come on over to So-and-So Auto Sales with $100 and drive home in a new car!  ITS THAT EASY!

We could only wish car buying could be this simple.  Individuals who are new to car buying will soon find that buying a car can be much more expensive upfront.

Setup a budget:

Before you begin, the smart thing for shoppers to do is setup an overall monthly budget.  Lets say you “plan” on paying a total of $400 a month for 3 years. Now you have a target.

Decide on the ride:

With budget in mind, you now must get a clear view of what car you are shopping for.  You can write down a few cars you may like to purchase.

Learn your car payment budget:

Next step is to call a couple local agents for insurance quotes on the vehicle you are in the market to purchase.  Get a monthly quote and a six month quote.  If you pay six months up front for your insurance, you’ll find yourself earning a discount. 

Finalize your plan:

So lets say you really want that first car you took a note of earlier.  The best insurance rate was quoted at $200 a month or $950 every six months.  Now you know either way you decided to pay for insurance, you have approximately $200 left over in your budget for a monthly car payment. 

Making the deal:

Other things you need to keep in mind when buying from the dealership is tax, title and license.  These expenses can be covered by the dealership if you play your cards right.  Remember, they need to earn your business and it’s not going to happen with only a handshake and a smile.  Make a deal that works with you.  Depending on how starved they are for your business, You may be able to have them pay your first months insurance payment.

After the Car purchase visit us.  Here you can quickly compare rates between 4 or more insurance companies for you newly-owned or pre-owned car or truck.

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For some of us, business moves us from time to time.  With risk being higher in some states than others you may see a lift or drop in your insurance rate depending on where a job relocation may be relocating you.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, in 2005 the top ten most expensive states to carry auto insurance coverage include, New Jersey, D.C., New York, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Florida, Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut and Nevada with New Jersey’s average expenditure siting the highest at $1,184 and Nevada being in position #10 with an average expenditure of $983.  The least expensive states include Maine, Wyoming, Nebraska, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Kansas, Idaho, South Dakota Iowa and North Dakota being the state with the lowest average expenditure of $554.  In addition to these state statistics its been determined 77% of insured drivers purchase comprehensive coverage in addition to liability insurance, and 72 percent buy collision coverage.

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  Today we find that driving any vehicle is not feasible with out insurance. You find that your insurance premium can become overwhelming at best if not careful who your provider maybe. Low cost Insurance becomes the venture of everyone driving or owning a vehicle.  One way to keep the premium low is to maintain a higher deductible. This may seem like a very good policy to help your budget but keep in mind that when you need to use your insurance will you be able to meet that deductible. The best answer is to find a low cost insurance that will not blow your budget but still provide good coverage.      

You need to have a good understanding for insurance coverage in order to determine what you need and how much to pay. The law in your state may not require you to have certain coverage’s but providing good coverage will save you thousands of dollars in case of an accident. First, let us look at Liability Coverage the part of your policy that pays for accidental bodily injury and property damages to others.  This part of your of your policy will pay medical expenses, pain and suffering and lost wages. The property damage includes damaged property and automobiles that damaged. This is very important because it also pays court cost, which can become expensive.     

The next part of your policy is called collision which you need because this will pay for your vehicle damaged caused by collision with another vehicle or object. The Comprehensive Coverage covers loss to your vehicle that does not happen because of an auto accident. The vehicle might be involved in fire, wind, hail or flood damage which all need coverage. The worse fear we all have is that of someone vandalizes or stealing our vehicle but with Comprehensive Coverage that is all taken care. Medical Coverage pays medical expenses regardless of fault when the expenses occurred during an auto accident. Uninsured Motorist is a coverage that everyone needs because it pays your car’s damages when a driver who does not have liability insurance causes an auto accident. Then there is underinsured Motorist which covers your vehicle when a person does not carry enough coverage.  These are the basics you must know before choosing a coverage.     

The website provides you with quotes from different insurance companies who provide insurance in your state. The safer your car the better your premium contents and cost will be, also a good driving record affects premium costs. Your credit history can also determine the rate of your insurance premium.  The website helps shoppers consider all these factors before submitting a request to various reliable insurance companies helping you to be able to find a low cost.      

The well-insured person finds less to worry about when driving but the over insured client is bothered with a high cost premium. We all realize the importance behind having good insurance coverage and basically that is what we are looking to buy but like all products we need to be aware of those agents who over sell and under cover our vehicles.  The low cost insurance website provides you with only responsible agents from top companies who strive to find you the best insurance coverage at the lowest premium charge.

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Health insurance can be an expensive and very hard to afford.  Any discounts available are worth taking a look into.  If you’re a family starting out with a need for child health insurance the Delaware Healthy Children program is something worth looking into.  With programs like this you can save a bundle but you must fit certain income guidelines before enrolling.  Below is the income chart they use to determine eligibility.

Don’t fit the criteria?

If you do not fit this criteria the next best thing is to compare rates online.  You can compare rates here.

Fit the criteria?

If you do fit the criteria this is what you can gain from this program.  The Delaware Healthy Children Program covers everything from routine checkups to eye exams.  Doctor and hospital services are also included. Families covered by this program enjoy an extensive list of services for a very low cost. The good news is there are NO CO-PAYMENTS.

Services covered include:

Well-baby and well-child checkups

Drug and alcohol abuse treatment

Speech and hearing therapy Immunizations

Physical therapy

Eye exams

Ambulance services

Prescription drugs

Hospital Care

Physician services


Lab work

Assistive technology

Mental health counseling

Limited home health and nursing care

Contact Information is posted below:

Delaware Healthy Children Program

PO Box 950

New Castle, DE 19720-9914


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Sacramento California Insurance Fraud Case

On March 25, 2008, Ninfa Ramos-Ortiz was arrested on 3 felony insurance fraud counts.  The next day Ana Salgado-Antunez was also brought in on 5 felony insurance fraud charges followed by Ramos-Ortiz’s son, Julio Ramos-Alarcon, arrested on 6 felony insurance fraud charges.  This began with a theft reported by Ana.  She claimed she last saw her 2006 Nissan Armada on July 19, 2007, when she parked it at Ramos-Ortiz’s home. Salgado-Antunez stated that she and Ramos-Alarcon discovered the vehicle was stolen the next morning. Salgado-Antunez contacted the local police department and filed a theft report. She also reported the occurance to her insurance agent.  However, the criminal investigation conducted by CDI and the California Highway Patrol revealed that Salgado-Antunez, the primary driver, was behind on her payments and the vehicle was also having mechanical problems. She and Ramos-Alarcon believed that they could no longer afford to keep the vehicle, so they paid another individual to dispose of it in Mexico. Once the vehicle made it to Mexico, it was then turned over to Cruz, who then delivered the vehicle to a partners chop shop.

Each felony insurance fraud charge is punishable by up to five years in prison and/or a $50,000 fine.

Although no money was paid on the claim, because Mercury Insurance learned of the crime, the potential loss was over $27,000.