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My Weekly Weight

By clicking On the 'My Weekly Weight' page, you'll be taken to a page where your can post your weight once a week. This will help you keep track of your progress.

The Food Journal

Visit the 'The Food Journal' page to keep a food and calorie log for your daily diet.

Graph My Weight Loss

The graph page will help show your progress over time. This feature uses the weights you post weekly to graph out the progress you make.

Printable E-Chart

The 'Printable E-Chart' provides a way of giving yourself motivation. The chart will help you keep on your diet and reach your goal. Each and every week when you post an update for 'My Weekly Weight', the 'Printable E-Chart' will be automatically updated. The 'Printable E-Chart' is made up of squares where each square represents one Pound. As you lose weight, pound by pound the chart is updated. As you lose each pound, the block chart will update showing a different color box for each pound lost.

Photo Journal

When you select the 'Photo Updates' you will have the option to give yourself a visual on your progress throughout your diet. It's very neat when you begin to see the pounds drop off in the photos. All you do is upload a picture at each time you make your weekly weight post update.

Stats Page

Keep up with Stats on your weight loss.