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Washington Basic Health is a Government Agency currently providing Health Insurance benefits to low-income families. When you apply your premium is based on the gross family income (before deductions). If you are self employed, Basic Health will use an annual summary of you income and expenses. To qualify you must meet the income guidelines.

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Just like every other insurance coverage available, insurance rates are based on the risk of the insured. For low life insurance rates, the very best thing to do is get active. Joining your local gym or starting an exercise routine is the best first step you can take to saving more on life insurance rates. This same routine will also benefit your health insurance costs as well (lower risks).

Life Insurance Quotes

When getting quoted for life Insurance, the agent will take age, height, weight, smoking status, health history, and other health factors into consideration. It is never too late to start living healthy. With the right motivation to start exercising and eating right, you can avoid many health issues throughout life which will result in many benefits including lower life insurance rates.


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In order to legally drive in California you are only required to carry liability insurance. This coverage pays for damage to another persons car or property in the event of an accident. This will also cover any medical expenses the other car’s passengers may need. The state minimum is expressed with 3 figures. 15-30-5. The 15 represents a 15,000 coverage for injuries to one person. The 30 represents a 30,000 coverage for injuries to all persons and the 5 represents, yes you guessed it, $5000 for any damage done to the other car. Lets think about this. How quickly can 15,000 be spent in an emergency room? How quickly can $5000 worth of damage be done to a vehicle envolved in an accident? If you have the extra money its wise to raise this your coverage up a notch in case of an incident to avoid any lawsuits.

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If you live in a larger metro area you may be overpaying for your auto insurance. Larger metro cities have more people and more cars - thus more claims. There are lots of factors that go into rates - zipcode, type of vehicle, driving history, age of drivers, and even your insurance credit score. These factors create lots of gaps between carriers and the rates they offer.