Mar 11 2008

SR-22 Insurance

Published by admin at 10:40 am under Auto Insurance

What is an SR-22?

It is basically a certificate mandated by the state to verify that a driver is maintaining auto insurance liability coverage. If you need an SR-22, they will usually be notified by their state’s Motor Vehicle Department.

At one time I was driving a small Isuzu Amigo. It broke down and I stopped payment on the insurance for about 3 months. Forgetting to notify and bring in the plates for the vehicle to the DMV, I got a notice in the mail stating I needed to come in to set up the registration on this vehicle. Once I fixed the problems I had with the car, I went ahead and insured the vehicle and made a visit to the DMV. They couldn’t help me anymore since the insurance was previously dropped, If I had proof of repair, which I didnt because it was a backyard mechanic, I could have completed the steps to getting the vehicle registered. However, I didnt so now the DMV required I have SR-22 insurance for this vehicle. Always hearing “SR-22″ and “DUI” in the same sentence I started to worry if this would affect my rates. Thankfully it did not. Like I mentioned above, it’s simply a form notifying the MVD that the vehicle is now insured. I easily added the SR-22 onto the policy I previously purchased for the vehicle, took in the new insurance card and finished getting the registration setup.

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