Aug 14 2008

Insurance Companies and Claims

Published by admin at 11:04 am under Auto Insurance

When is it best to file a potential claim. AS soon as possible. If you need to make one, make it. Say some idiot driver is backing out of a parking spot and scrapes against our passenger door before fleeing the seen. what do you do? Your choices are tough but limited. You can either pay out-of-pocket and avoid the deductible expense and other possible fees, or you can say heck with it and make a claim to your insurance company for repairs to the damaged car.
Which ever way you decide to go you must make a decision quickly. It’s best to choose your solution within the same day. If you put it off for a week and then call the insurance company they’ll probably be skeptical about your story. Once your on that side of the fence, it’s going to be hard to getting the attention you need. Claims need to be reported promptly and as a result they will work as part of the initial investigation. If the Insurance Company is left out for too long, they will probably not be as helpful. Nobody wants to investigate what has happened days ago. By this time you’ll may have a new decision to make, either pay out-of-pocket or take your insurance company to court. Moral of the story is, never procrastinate the decision whether or not to file potential claim. Make your decision and move forward with your solution.

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