Aug 17 2008

How To Become An Insurance Agent

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Ask any insurance agent what career they imagined when they were younger and the odds are great they did not have insurance agent on the list. No, it probably was not even on the radar.

Yet, somehow thousands of people choose the insurance career every year. Some choose to sell life insurance or mutual funds and others opt to work in the auto and homeowner insurance arena. Some individuals work for the large national carriers while others go into business for themselves as an independent agent.

The national insurance companies often seek to hire those who are newly graduated from college. Most corporations of all types seek those with a new degree, including the insurance recruiters. But the insurance field is also littered with agents of all ages. It is not a field reserved only for the young.


More and more larger insurance companies are requiring new hires to have a four year degree. If insurance companies know anything - it’s statistics. And apparently the stats are indicating that the agents with the greatest chance of success are those who have just graduated from a university or already hold a four year degree. More and more large insurance carriers are targeting younger people. They have less debt and can invest more back into their business, are less likely to be burdened by family obligations, and have the energy to work lots of hours. Not every insurance carrier requires a degree. It is up to you to determine which companies do not require it as you talk with their recruiter.

If you go to work as an INDEPENDENT INSURANCE AGENT you do not need a degree. An independent agent is self employed with little or no benefits or guaranteed income. Unlike getting hired by a national insurance carrier which usually offers a salary and benefits, an independent agency only offers the opportunity to work in insurance sales.


There are lots of opportunities in insurance for the right person - life insurance, disability insurance, auto & homeowner insurance, dental insurance, and even specialized plans for companies like AFLAC.

You only have to check the local help wanted ads or the online career websites to see most insurance companies are hiring constantly. That’s one reason why you should not jump at the first opportunity. Insurance is one industry that is hiring 24/7.


A successful insurance agent wears many hats. You have to master or be very adept in sales, administration (doing mundane chores such as filing), customer service, prospecting, phone skills, follow through and more! To succeed in insurance, be prepared to work lots of hours and invest a portion of your income back into your business.

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