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    Replace That Old Insurance Policy – New Cheaper Insurance Rates

    There comes a time for all of us, to replace an old insurance policy with a new insurance. Insurance companies rates are based on many factors including age, a factor that will change for us each year. The good news is how simple it really is to replace your current insurance with a new insurance company. Provided below are some useful tips to help you find and compare new insurance quotes effectively.

    1. Get your current policy in front of you.

    Your current policy will contain much of the information needed to begin comparing quotes for the same coverage with new insurance companies.

    2. Locate your expiration date.

    If your expiration date is quickly approaching, its best to purchase your insurance to begin on the date your existing policy expires.

    3. Locate your VIN number(s) and liability insurance limits.

    Your vehicle identification numbers or VINs will help you compare accurate insurance quotes as it is the best way to inform the insurance company of the exact vehicle you are driving. The VIN will tell the insurance company the size engine, the model and sub-model and the vehicle safety features such as front and side air-bags. VINs can also be found on your vehicle registration.

    4. Collect license numbers for all drivers on current policy.

    The driver’s license numbers for each driver will be needed so the insurance company can access each driver’s ticket accident and claims history. This is important in order to receive accurate rate quotes.

    With this information it should be pretty easy to replace your current insurance company with a new company who may be able to save you hundreds a year on cheaper auto insurance. If you would like to compare insurance quotes from multiple companies, enter your zip-code above and we’ll help you compare auto insurance offers today.

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