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    Safety Features, better rates – Mercedes M Class

    I’ve always been a fan of Mercedes Benz. I know there are many more safety benefits that come with owning a Mercedes. Mercedes is rated highly for performance , crash test ratings, and best of all as mentioned above; safety features.

    Safety features you will find on a Mercedes M Class include:

    Rear Center Lap/Shoulder Belt:

    Most SUVs do not have the luxury of a center lap and shoulder belt. This is a great addition SUV makers have been implementing into their newer models


    Advanced Air Bag Features:

    I do believe there are some bugs with the 1st Air bag systems put into vehicles. Anything auto makers can do to perfect these systems will be beneficial to the car buyer.

    Child Seat Lower Anchorage:

    As a parent, one that really speaks out to me is the Child Seat Lower Anchorage. I’ve always liked the rear seat head restraints in the Mercedes as well as the rear center lap and shoulder belt.

    Tire Pressure Monitor:

    This is a beautiful new tool added to various newer makes and models. Knowing your tire pressure will help you avoid blowouts which do make up an avoidable amount of car accidents that occur on our highways today.

    Daytime Running Lights:

    When driving with the sun in your eyes, have you noticed how much easier it is when oncoming traffic has their lights on. I believe this is a great safety feature and practice every driver should put into play. Below are a few other safety features you will find on the Mercedes M Class.

    • Side Airbag – Front
    • Head Airbag – Front
    • Rear Seat Head Restraint
    • Dynamic Head Restraint
    • Trunk Release
    • Auto Crash Notify
    • Electronic Stability Control
    • 4-Wheel ABS
    • Traction Control
    • Daytime Running Lights
    • Adjustable Upper Belt – Front
    • Pretensioner
    • Energy Management Feature

    Being a luxury vehicle you will still see higher rates compared to that of a less expensive vehicle. However, by going with a Mercedes, you will find better rates compared to rates on some of the other luxury vehicles out there. More importantly you will also be better protected with all the safety feature listed above.

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