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    How To Install Safety Seats, Most of Us Do It Wrong

    When it comes to our children, protecting them is our #1 priority. The city of Sevierville is taking additional steps this month to be sure your kids are safe by schduling a check point for safety seat inspections. This will be scheduled on May 8th from 10am to 2pm on Dolly Parton Parkway

    New safety seats will be provided to parents who have out-dated or recalled safety car seats and cannot afford to buy a new replacement. Research has shown that although the good intentions are there, 90% of installed safety seats are installed the wrong way. An improper installment of a child safety seat only increases the risk of your child or children being injured in the event of an auto accident. If you’re using safety seats for you kids that’s great, lets just make sure they’re installed to be most effective.

    Did you know 40% of child fatalities are the result of a child safety seat being installed the wrong way. SPD officers in Sevierville will be performing safety seat inspections and also demonstrate the proper intallation techniques.

    Provided below is a video which shows some great tips for
    parents who want to be sure their kids are as safe as the
    possibly can be while in transit.

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