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    Better Braking for Increased Safety

    It’s so important to stay alert while driving behind another vehicle. You never know what that other Driver is going to do. Are they going to slam the brakes to avoid that puppy crossing the road? It happens every day. It seems like most accidents I see on the road are rear-enders. Some happen from people following to closely or sometimes just from paying less attention on the road. Either way if your caught “slippin” it’s wouldn’t it be nice to have a good set of brakes to help avoid these collisions. If you rear-end someone 9 times out of 10 you will end up being found negligent. This can effect your driving record as well as your insurance claims history. After doing a little research online about brakes and braking systems these are some useful tips I’ve found.

    Selecting Your Brake Pads:

    When it comes to brake pads you will have a few choices. You’ll find yourself choosing between semi-metallic, metallic and ceramic. Semi-Metallic and metallic pads are known to grind up your rotors pretty bad not to mention leave a mess of dust around your rim and tires. There are organic pads which are very clean, however they do have a shorter life span than most pads. Ceramic pads are a favorite by many motorists who want a clean, efficient braking system that will hang in there for a good while.

    Choosing Rotors

    Rotors are the shiny metal disc that your brake pads will push up or squeeze against to stop your vehicle. Most vehicles you purchase, new or used, will come with the basic stock rotors which are effective and get the job done of course. However, manufactures have come out with a few other types that you may want to consider if braking performance is something you would like to invest in.

    X-drilled-Slotted Rotors

    These aftermarket X-drilling rotors greatly improves brake response, these rotors will actually give your new brake pads the ability to cool down during contact with the rotor. The slots work in a way where they clear the pad face and rid the excess glaze created by the friction during pad contact. Brake performance and pad life is found to be increased with the use of these rotors.

    Dimple Drilled-Slotted Rotors

    Dimple Drilling allows the rotors to perform with some cooling but not too much cooling. Some find that too much change in temperature can cause a rotor to crack. Dimple drills help stabalize the temperature without the excessive heat cycling. This rotor design is a favorite to many and has proven it’s effectiveness time and time again.

    While driving on public streets having a good braking system will help stop your vehicle in certain cases. However, it’s always best to remain alert and never follow to closely to the vehicle in front of you. You just never know what they will do next. Vehicles can be deadly machines which must be handled and operated with care. provides comparison insurance quotes as well as several tips to help save more on auto insurance. However, one of the best ways to maintain a low insurance rate is by driving safe and remaining accident free.

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