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    What Is Comprehensive Auto Insurance & What Does It Cover?

    Comprehensive coverage is used to protect your vehicle from damage that may occur which is un-related to an auto accident. For example if your vehicle is damaged from last night’s hail storm, vandalism, or fire; comprehensive insurance coverage will pay for the damages. Comprehensive will also pay in the event your vehicle is ever stolen.

    The Comprehensive Deductible: What Amount Should I Select?

    In order for an insurance company to pay on a comprehensive claim you must first pay a deductible which you may select a deductible amount at the time you purchase your policy. The higher comprehensive deductible you select, the lower your insurance premium.

    Is Comprehensive Auto Insurance Coverage Required?

    If you are currently making payments on your car, financial institutions will often require you maintain collision and comprehensive insurance coverage. If your car is fully paid off, this becomes an optional coverage which may still be a coverage you would like to keep depending on the value of your car and the cost to insure it.

    Is Comprehensive only Sold With Collision?

    Most companies sell the two together. However, there are a couple companies out there that will sell the comprehensive insurance by itself. Deductibles are selected individually for each type of property damage coverage, therefore if you buy insurance with a company that sells both comprehensive and collision together yet you only really want the comprehensive coverage, you can select the highest collision deductible to help lower your insurance premium some.

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