The 2010 Mazda Tribute For Low Car Insurance and Supreme Safety

Mazda Tribute, A Low Insurance Pick

According to recent studies the 2010 Mazda Tribute is one 2010 model with the lowest average insurance rates compared to most 2010 vehicles of today. Studies have shown the national average premium for this vehicle to be roughly $1070.25 a year. Why is this 2WD 4 Door 4 cylinder sports utility vehicle rated so much less?

First Look at the 2010 Mazda Tribute:

As i began taking a look at the car one thing that stands out first is the size of the engine. With a 4 cylinder sports utility vehicle, you won’t be seeing too many owners racing around at high speeds in a Tribute. This vehicle is typically built to accommodate small, budget conscious, families. With this vehicle attracting young parents and older more experienced drivers, statistics will also do its part in keeping premiums for this vehicle low.

A Closer Look At The Safety Features of the Tribute:

The IIHS, Institute for Highway Safety, has also awarded 5 stars for both frontal and side-impact crash tests. This is the highest impact crash test rating offered by the IIHS.
The 2010 Tribute also comes with a load of safety and security features. This vehicle comes equipped with roll stability control which uses sensors to determine if the movement of the vehicle to help maintain stability during maneuvers that may be taken when avoiding an accident. This system will automatically apply pressure to individual brakes to help maintain stability. The Tribute also has DSC, dynamic stability control, which also uses a combination of the throttle and brakes to help stabilize the vehicle during aggressive maneuvering. This vehicle also comes standard with a traction control system which automatically detects loss of traction and adjusts the throttle to help regain traction.

To go with all of these mentioned features, the tribute also has a rear-view mirror camera to help assist you in viewing behind the bumper as you back out. I love to see this feature being implemented into more newer models. This feature will definitely help save the lives of more children and it’s very nice see its implementation into newer models. This car also comes standard with tire pressure monitoring, child safety seat latches plus front and side-impact airbags. These features packed into this particular vehicle makes it a great fit for both safety, security and low car insurance rates.


If you would like to get the lowest possible insurance rate for the coverage you need on your Mazda Tribute, begin comparing quotes today. By simply comparing quotes between several top ‘A’ rated carriers, you can rest assured you are paying the lowest premiums for the coverage you need.

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