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    Lower Auto Insurance, Increased savings for Hybrid owners

    The global warming threat is increasing daily.  Auto Insurance companies have been encouraging the use of these vehicles by offering hybrid auto insurance discounts.  There are many benefits to owning a hybrid.  One, taking a stand against the global warming threat, lower insurance rates and of course lower gas costs.  Personally, when the hybrid’s starting coming out, I never really liked the designs.  Over the last couple years, hybrid vehicles have spread amongst a variety of auto makers and the designs have improved.   Below are a few of my hybrid favorites.


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    2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid
    Toyota strives to build vehicles to match customer interest. 
    The camry is typically built with popular options and option packages.
    Pushing 187 hp the camry keeps great gas mileage with 33/34 MPG

    2008 Honda Civic Hybrid
    With 110 hp the Civic Hybrid is estimated to get
    45 mpg on the highway 
    Hybrid technology featuring Integrated Motor Assist IMA
    Continuously Variable Transmission

    2008 Escape Hybrid
    133hp @ 6000 rpm
    FWD – 34 mpg city/30 mpg highway
    4WD – 29 mpg city/27 mpg highway

    There are many discounts available whether you drive a hybrid model or not.  When deciding on an auto insurance provider make sure to ask the agent what discounts they have available.

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