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    Low Cost Health Insurance Arizona

    Arizona residents can find low cost health insurance with the right direction.

    One program in Arizona, KidsCare, helps provide low income families with health insurance for children under the age of 18. However, there are a few guidelines for this program. You must be a resident of Arizona and a U.S. citizen or a qualified eligible immigrant – regardless of the status of the parents. You also must not be covered under any other health insurance policy and the family must make certain income requirements which are shown below.

    2 Person Family must make under $2,282
    3 Person Family must make under $2,862
    4 Person Family must make under $3,442
    5 Person Family must make under $4,022
    6 Person Family must make under $4,602

    Local Contact Numbers

    Statewide: 1-877-764-KIDS (5437)
    Phoenix Area: (602) 417-KIDS (5437)

    You can also find other low cost arizona health insurance at the AHCCCS page below:

    If you don’t fit the criteria you may want read up on some up to date saving tips and apply for a multiple rate health insurance quote. You can do this be simply clicking here. This is also a great way to get low cost health insurance in Arizona.

    Low-Income Family Health Insurance

    Az Dept. of Economic Security (DES)
    DES helps connect Arizona low-income families with health insurance programs state-wide.


    Phoenix Arizona DES: 800.352.8168;
    Tucson Arizona DES: 800.835.2100

    Arizona Health Insurance Prescription Drug Card

    Another way to save on your health expense is by enrolling for a Presription drug card.  The Arizona CoppeRx Drug Card is available to everyone within Arizona regardless of income and family size.  Enrollment is free and discounts on prescription drugs can range anywhere from 15% to 55%.  This drug card is accepted in over 500 pharmacies across AZ.

    to sign up or call (888) 227-8315

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