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Finding health insurance can be a tough challenge if you don’t have the proper direction. One good way to find low cost insurance is by comparing health insurance rates.

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There are also a good amount of low cost and low income health insurance programs for Alabama residents and children provided by the Government.

ALL Kids Program is for Children’s Health Insurance offered by the Alabama Department of Public Health for uninsured children under age 19. Finding your children the health care they need gives you peace of mind that they are helping their young ones live healthier, happier lives. This program helps families who make too much money to qualify for Medicaid yet cannot afford private health insurance. For more information you can call 1-888-373-KIDS.

There is also the SOBRA Medicaid Program. This program provides health care coverage for pregnant women and children under age 19 who fall within certain income guidelines. These children may be living in one or two parent families. You may also apply for unrelated children as long as they are living in the home. To qualify, you must be an Alabama resident and U.S. citizen or eligible immigrant and show proof of your status. Applicants must also meet income level and age requirements. For more information you can call 1-800-362-1504

For more information on programs for children and programs for low income families visit:

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