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If your an owner of a high performance car, auto insurance rates can get extremely high. This goes especially for people who see an open road and push the car’s performance up a notch. One way to make sure your on the right path to an affordable auto insurance is by comparing rates.

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One car I owned in my early 20s was a turbo charged eagle talon. Being a pretty fast car, the performace could never compare to that of a Corvette. My insurance rates, however, felt like it should have. My rates were through the roof. Fully covered with one accident and two tickets still dwindling on my record from a couple years ago, I was shelling out roughly $400 a month. This was my major financial OUCH. I eventually got myself into the position where I could pay off the rest of my car loan and change my coverage from “full coverage” to “liability only”. This took my payment down from $400 a month to $67 a month. I cannot imagine the coverage cost if It was a Corvette I was cruising. The insurance costs will increases with the increase of risk.

Take that Chevrolet Corvette I mentioned. A well known example of American Muscle. Auto enthusiasts nationwide have much respect for this top sports car for it’s beautiful design and it’s high perfomance. When insurance agents are placed in the position to cover a policy on this car they see something totally different, a dangerous car that reaches top speeds faster than many people can handle. The risk of crashing isn’t all there is for the provider to be concerned with. The Corvette also attracts it’s share of car theft, vandalism (”haters”) and the high cost of repair in the event of an accident. Avoiding tickets will be another battle a driver must concour. With all the performance within the drivers reach, for some it will take a lot of patience and self control to be behind the wheel of a high perfomance Corvette. When looking for insurance make sure to take advantage of every discount you possible can. Merging homeowner’s and auto insurance together is one good step to take. Another is to be a responsible driver and avoid traffic violations, ask the agent you choose if there are any discounts availabe within your reach and make sure to shop around for quotes. Quote comparisons are a great way to save.
Corvette Video - Push Play

Above is a video I felt would make a great addition to this article. This may play as a good example of how an insurance provider views a
high performance ride like this.

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It’s good to know Colorado families have a variety of options for low cost family health insurance. is an online source to find low cost health insurance either through multiple rate quotes or health insurance programs available. For the lowest traditional family health insurance rates compare insurance quotes today.


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For child or pregnant adult health insurance needs CHP+ is a program worth looking into. Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+) is a low-cost health insurance program for uninsured children ages 18 and under and pregnant adults. Currently CHP+ is providing insurance for over 57,000 children and 1,400 Pregnant women. If your interested in seeing if you qualify for answer the following questions to see if you or your child may be eligible for the CHP+ or the CHP+ prenatal care program.


1. Is there any children or a pregnant adult in need of health care in the family?
2. Add up the number of children + any unborn baby + number of parents or guardians that live in your home.
3. Is your family’s gross income near the amount in the chart below according to your family size from question 2?

It is important to note that child and elder care expenses, medical expenses, child support and alimony payments, can be deducted from your gross income. so your income can be above the amount and you may still be elible for the CHP+ Program.


4. Are the applying children and/or pregnant adult, US citizens?
If not, Have they had an alien registration number for at least five years?


For more information visit our directory of low income health insurance resources here.

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Everyday we see risks, take risks and find ourselves paying more for the risks we take. The more risks you take, the higher your insurance rates will end up. Do the toys we buy our kids increase our insurance risk factor. Back in 2005, Jumpking Inc. recalled about 1 million trampolines and nearly 300,000 trampoline enclosures after receiving reports of injuries including lacerations and a concussions. This was reported by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Out the many reports made, how many injured victims happened to be for the neighbor kid. Did the neighbor kid’s parents sue the owner of the trampoline. If so, this would be just another example of increased homeowners insurance rates due to the risk taken for owning a Trampoline. To establish and maintain the lowest insurance rates always avoid unnecessary risks and pay close attention to the risks you must take, like driving through evening rush hour or locking the doors before entering a shopping mall. Sometimes lowering your risks will get you insurance discounts right from the get-go. For example, buying a car with air bags, antilock brakes and new safety features. Other benefits to reducing risk include the money you will save in more ways than one and avoiding the stress that comes with a high risk taking lifestyle.


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The global warming threat is increasing daily.  Auto Insurance companies have been encouraging the use of these vehicles by offering hybrid auto insurance discounts.  There are many benefits to owning a hybrid.  One, taking a stand against the global warming threat, lower insurance rates and of course lower gas costs.  Personally, when the hybrid’s starting coming out, I never really liked the designs.  Over the last couple years, hybrid vehicles have spread amongst a variety of auto makers and the designs have improved.   Below are a few of my hybrid favorites.


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2008 Toyota Camry Hybrid
Toyota strives to build vehicles to match customer interest. 
The camry is typically built with popular options and option packages.
Pushing 187 hp the camry keeps great gas mileage with 33/34 MPG

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid
With 110 hp the Civic Hybrid is estimated to get
45 mpg on the highway 
Hybrid technology featuring Integrated Motor Assist IMA
Continuously Variable Transmission

2008 Escape Hybrid
133hp @ 6000 rpm
FWD - 34 mpg city/30 mpg highway
4WD - 29 mpg city/27 mpg highway

There are many discounts available whether you drive a hybrid model or not.  When deciding on an auto insurance provider make sure to ask the agent what discounts they have available.

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