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    Someone Broke into my Car, What’s Next

    It’s a gut wrenching feeling you get when someone breaks into your car. They broke into you vehicle, invaded your privacy, and stole your personal belongings. In most cases a criminal will break into your car in order to steal something you’ve left on the seat. Sometimes the criminal will go for the cd or dvd player you failed to detach, sometimes they’re just after your car. Some of the more obvious things people are after include cd players, purses, wallets, cd cases, car stereos, audio equipment and in some cases just loose money. I’ve personally have walked out to my car in the morning to find my door wide open and the change in my ash tray taken. I’ve also been the victim to theft of a car stereo. Some people are desperate.

    Comprehensive Coverage:

    If you have selected to insure your vehicle with comprehensive when you purchased the policy, this coverage will pay for some of the loss that occurs during a vehicle break in. Comprehensive coverage pays for damages to your vehicle caused by anything other than a collision. Fire, vandalism, hail and yes… theft is covered under your comprehensive coverage. You will need to take a closer look to see what is covered inside your vehicle. A good rule of thumb is, if you picked up your car and shook it all around, what did not fall out is usually covered. Anything permanently attached is usually covered but just to be clear let say you own a $3000 aftermarket stereo system and speakers. In order to have this equipment fully covered you need to purchase additional coverage for the system on your policy under custom equipment. Other loose items stolen are generally not covered although you may be able to make the claim under your renters or homeowners coverage.

    Avoid a Car Break In:

    To help avoid a car break in make sure to never leave any valuables inside the car, especially on the seat where a theif can easily see it. Detach the face of your car stereo if it’s an aftermarket. Most times a stock stereo, “undetachable” will be ignored; “most times”. Always lock your doors and invest in a wheel lock and/or an alarm. Alarms not only will help deter a thief, they may also lower your insurance premium. By installing a car alarm you’re reducing your comprehensive claim risks.

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