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    Time has a way of changing things, especially with the cost of auto insurance. A company that offers you the best rate three years ago may offer you one of the worst deals today. Comparison-shopping is something that you need to do at time of renewal. Many people assume that the company who offers the most affordable auto insurance rate will probably be the best choice for the next five years. This common assumption has been proven false time and time again.

    I know from my own personal shopping experience that rates offered by insurance companies really do change over time. I remember when I did a search for auto insurance about in my early 20s. I applied for a quote from Geico and the rate offered was much higher compared to some of the other companies. You know I never thought I would go back and get quote from them again. Well about four months ago I did the unthinkable. I happen to get a quote from them and was amazed to find some of the lowest rates offered for the coverage that I needed. Whether you’re looking for new auto insurance policy or perhaps you want to renew your existing policy comparing quotes is the ticket to affordable car insurance.

    So when it’s definitely time to comparison shop for auto insurance? I usually like comparing rates every six months or at the least once a year. During certain times of your life it will matter more. The rates do depend on age, location, vehicle, credit and a number of others factors.




    So when is it time to compare car insurance rates?

    ~ Those that have been with the same Insurance Company for 10 years.

    ~ Those who just bought a new 2nd car or a home.

    ~ Those who now have repaired credit from mistakes made in early years.

    ~ Those who recently moved to another location.

    ~ Those who have a kid who just earned a Driver’s licensed.

    ~ Those who if you just got married.

    ~ Those who recently watched a few tickets drop off the record.

    ~ Those who recently received a few tickets or a DUI.

    ~ Those that recently turned 21 or 25 years of age.

    ~ Those that need to renew your current auto insurance policy.

    Have you considered switching insurance companies for a more affordable rate?

    I don’t believe there’s really a bad time to compare insurance rates. Let’s say you have auto insurance coverage already and still have three months before the policy expiration date. If you compare quotes and find a company offering nearly half off your premium for the same coverage; canceling may be worth the effort. If you do decide to cancel policy or an existing policy to start a new one you need to do it the right way.

    For insurance coverage not used, you may be refunded on a short-rate basis. This means if you may get back the unearned premium minus a cancellation fee. Discuss with your Agent or Provider the details on policy cancellation before doing so. In most cases you have to submit a request for cancellation in writing to your provider with a specific cancellation date. You’ll want to make sure that your setup with the new insurance policy to take the place of your existing policy. Avoid a lapse in coverage. If after cancellation fees you still save $100, that’s the move in the right direction.

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