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One of the biggest things to consider with regards to lowering your auto insurance rates is the length of time you have gone without a car accident.  Because people who are not prone to car accidents are clearly at a reduced risk for having car accidents (and thus are less of a liability to the auto insurance company), anything you can do to become a safer driver will lower your auto insurance rates in time.



There are a few driving tips that will reduce your risk of an accident.  Not all accidents can be avoided, but if you consistently apply these tips, you will have much less of a propensity towards being involved in car accidents and will see lowered rates as a result.  It won’t be instantaneous, but if you consistently show the auto insurance companies that you are not a big risk for them, then they will reward you with lowered rates.


  1. Slow and steady wins the race.  All too often, you see people speeding up in the left-hand passing lane in order to pass up the people in the right hand lane.  They clearly think that they are getting to their final destination faster – although this is not necessarily true.  One thing’s for sure, though.  If you weave in and out of lanes just to pass up the slowpokes, your risk for a car accident increases significantly.  You might save ten minutes of time by weaving in and out of lanes, but you will gain more of your time and life back from the lowered auto insurance rates that will result in a lack of car accidents.


  2. Think for other drivers.  Of course you can’t know what’s going on in the minds of other drivers at all times.  However, if you decide, as a principle, to try to spot potential hazards before they happen, then you will be much better suited to avoid car accidents.   Most car accidents can be avoided simply by driving defensively.  People will make stupid mistakes, but you can react in such a way that brings a reduced risk to your driving.  This reduced risk will result in lower auto insurance rates, as well.


  3. Be aware of blind spots.  Fitting in with defensive driving, awareness of other drivers’ blind spots can be one of the best ways to reduce the risk of accidents..  When you are driving in other drivers’ blind spots, they cannot see you.  They will, therefore, be much more likely to have an accident with you.  Learn about the increased blind spots of buses and trucks.  Knowledge of these blind spots will keep you safe while driving, reduce your risk, and will ultimately result in lower auto insurance rates.


Showing auto insurance companies that you are at a reduced risk for being involved in an automobile accident is one of the best tried-and-true methods of lowering your auto insurance rates.  When you prove to auto insurance companies that you are not a liability to them, then they will reward this with low cost auto insurance rates.

It won’t be instantaneous.  You will need to show a clear pattern of safe driving habits to the insurance companies before they will lower your rates.  However, invoking these driving tips is one way to start creating good long-term driving habits that will create a long precedent of safe driving, at which the insurance companies can then look and give you a better rate for the coverage you need.  It may not be the fastest way to lower auto insurance rates; it is, however, the most effective and the most long-term method.

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