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Health insurance can be an expensive and very hard to afford.  Any discounts available are worth taking a look into.  If you’re a family starting out with a need for child health insurance the Delaware Healthy Children program is something worth looking into.  With programs like this you can save a bundle but you must fit certain income guidelines before enrolling.  Below is the income chart they use to determine eligibility.

Don’t fit the criteria?

If you do not fit this criteria the next best thing is to compare rates online.  You can compare rates here.

Fit the criteria?

If you do fit the criteria this is what you can gain from this program.  The Delaware Healthy Children Program covers everything from routine checkups to eye exams.  Doctor and hospital services are also included. Families covered by this program enjoy an extensive list of services for a very low cost. The good news is there are NO CO-PAYMENTS.

Services covered include:

Well-baby and well-child checkups

Drug and alcohol abuse treatment

Speech and hearing therapy Immunizations

Physical therapy

Eye exams

Ambulance services

Prescription drugs

Hospital Care

Physician services


Lab work

Assistive technology

Mental health counseling

Limited home health and nursing care

Contact Information is posted below:

Delaware Healthy Children Program

PO Box 950

New Castle, DE 19720-9914


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Sacramento California Insurance Fraud Case

On March 25, 2008, Ninfa Ramos-Ortiz was arrested on 3 felony insurance fraud counts.  The next day Ana Salgado-Antunez was also brought in on 5 felony insurance fraud charges followed by Ramos-Ortiz’s son, Julio Ramos-Alarcon, arrested on 6 felony insurance fraud charges.  This began with a theft reported by Ana.  She claimed she last saw her 2006 Nissan Armada on July 19, 2007, when she parked it at Ramos-Ortiz’s home. Salgado-Antunez stated that she and Ramos-Alarcon discovered the vehicle was stolen the next morning. Salgado-Antunez contacted the local police department and filed a theft report. She also reported the occurance to her insurance agent.  However, the criminal investigation conducted by CDI and the California Highway Patrol revealed that Salgado-Antunez, the primary driver, was behind on her payments and the vehicle was also having mechanical problems. She and Ramos-Alarcon believed that they could no longer afford to keep the vehicle, so they paid another individual to dispose of it in Mexico. Once the vehicle made it to Mexico, it was then turned over to Cruz, who then delivered the vehicle to a partners chop shop.

Each felony insurance fraud charge is punishable by up to five years in prison and/or a $50,000 fine.

Although no money was paid on the claim, because Mercury Insurance learned of the crime, the potential loss was over $27,000.

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