Someone Broke into my Car, What’s Next

It’s a gut wrenching feeling you get when someone breaks into your car. They broke into you vehicle, invaded your privacy, and stole your personal belongings. In most cases a criminal will break into your car in order to steal something you’ve left on the seat. Sometimes the criminal will go for the cd or dvd player you failed to detach, sometimes they’re just after your car. Some of the more obvious things people are after include... [Read More...]

Common Auto Insurance Questions

When you are in the market to purchase an auto insurance policy, many questions may come up. There are so many terms used and it’s very important you understand what some of these terms mean. Provided below are a few of the common terms you will hear when buying auto insurance. What type of auto insurance do you need in order to drive legally? In most states it is required to have at least liability coverage. This coverage pays out for damages or... [Read More...]

14 Insurance Rating Factors

Below you’ll find 14 rating factors used by some of the most common Insurance companies who offer auto coverage within the u.s. Type of auto: Since some cars are proven to be more of risk than others, the type of car you drive will help determine your overall rate. During the quote process each vehicle is given a risk I’d number. The heavier the car, the more damage it can cause to another vehicle of structure. Braking system Anti-lock... [Read More...]

Ford Insurance Review, Ford Insurance Symbols

As you may know Insurance companies take many details into consideration when rating your auto policy. The Insurance Company will assign a symbol for each vehicle they rate. Below are the symbols used for several Ford models. When it comes to assigning symbols, the vehicle weight, speed, crash statistics and several other details come into play. Typically the higher the symbol, the higher the rate. Insurance Symbols for Ford Trucks: Ford F150 Regular... [Read More...]

Why are my car insurance rates high?

Auto Insurance rates depend on several factors from age and driving history to the details of the vehicle. Have you been rated higher than average on your auto policy. Below are a few reasons why your Insurance rates may have increased. Tickets and accidents are the number one cause for high insurance rates. The more tickets you have, the higher risk you are to insure. Speed is the main cause behind fatal accidents. To cover this type of risk, the... [Read More...]

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