Arizona Risk Statistics ,Insurance and Tips for Arizona Driving

Highway or Offroad, Always Pack Water

Did you know…, Within the state of Arizona approximately 2.57 persons were killed each day in auto accidents? This information was taken from 2008 statistics provided by the motor vehicle department. So by the time dinner comes around tonight, 2 more motorists will have to face this statistic.

Also…, Over 150 are injured every day in car accidents. A little of 38% of all fatal accidents were resulted from drinking and driving. With the number of accidents and risks in Arizona, it’s important to carry a decent Arizona auto insurance policy.

How much Liability Auto insurance should I buy in Arizona

Agencies often recommend Arizona auto Insurance limits of 100/300/50. Although these limits are recommended, this coverage can only go so far. If you happen to crash and fatally injure a driver who is the only support for his or her family, this can result in a high dollar lawsuit. If you have many assets this is what the other parties lawyer will begin reviewing. That is why drivers with a lot of equity in their home or those who own many assets are encouraged to get a lot more coverage than what the state of Arizona requires.

There are a few ways to get low car insurance in Arizona without reducing the amount of auto Insurance you feel you need. Consider the multi-line insurance discount. Most drivers have the opportunity to save more with this discount. Whether you’re an Arizona home owner or you currently are renting, saving more money with this discount is easy. When you combine an auto policy with a renters or homeowners policy, you can knock off as much as 15% off your annual auto Insurance expense. The size of the discount will depend on the insurance company you choose to work with.

Tips for Arizona Drivers and Arizona Driving

Arizona Tire Tip
Drivers in Arizona may want to reduce tire pressure just a little and rotate your vehicle’s tires during the hot summer months. The heat in Arizona exceeds 115 degrees in the shade, so often times Drivers will experience blowouts due to these extreme conditions.

Avoid Speed Traps
Arizona is known for some of the speed traps set up to catch people in driving too fast in specific parts of town. Often times you’ll find speed traps near schools, wide roads with low speed limits, and sometimes construction zones. Photo enforcement is one controversial method of catching speeders that new Arizona residents must prepare for and be aware of.

Arizona Seat Belts Laws
Wearing your seat belts has been made a law in Arizona. Arizona has really been cracking down on seat belts lately. Some say the extra crackdown effort is due to the limited budget, others say it’s because they’re tired of scrapping bodies off the asphalt. Maybe it’s a little of both.

Arizona Animals and Wildlife
In Southern Arizona you must keep a keen eye out for deer, cattle and sometimes coyotes. Elk is the one animal people in Northern Arizona primarily lookout for. These huge animals will just dart out there right in front of your vehicle causing major front end damage and could be the cause to a major catastrophe.

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