SR22 Auto Insurance, Shopping For Car Insurance With An SR22 Filing


  • What is an SR22 form
  • Can I Still Get Low Car Insurance With an SR22
  • Insurance Carrier Requirements
  • Additional Details on the SR22 Form

What is an SR22 Form?

This form is the documentation produced by the Insurer that will verify the insurance status of the driver. It typically becomes a requirement if the driver was cited for a DUI or if the vehicle was driven without adequate insurance coverage.

Can I Still Get Low Car Insurance With an SR22?

An SR22 isn’t going to make or break your insurance expense. It will be the situation that resulted in the need of an SR22 that will determine any insurance rate increases. For instance, if you were driving impaired, you’ll more than likely see a rate increase. Lapsing a policy will also have a negative effect on finding low car insurance quotes. This doesn’t mean you cannot find affordable rates. As mentioned throughout this website, companies rate drivers differently. While company ‘A’ may find a SR22 a good reason to increase your rate, company ‘b’ may be more interested in your claims history. Even with filing for an SR22, by comparison shopping you can rest assured knowing your paying the least amount possible for auto insurance.

Insurance Carrier Requirements:

The insurance company issuing the SR22 filing must notify the State if the driver fails to renew or maintain the insurance policy. This is required of the insurance company by law. If at any time the insurance company does send notification of cancellation to the state, the process by which the State begins suspending the driver’s license with take place. Depedending on the reasons behind the SR22 filing, the driver will need to maintain proof of insurance for 2 to 3 years.

Additional Details on the SR22 Form

When getting a quote and finally obtaining insurance, when selecting the Sr22 option your form will be sent the the insurance company to the State’s department. This form has been built to help prevent suspension of the driver’s license or also to allow the license to be reinstated. The SR-22 form has also been built to help keep drivers on public roads insured for the safety and security for all.

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