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Prepare For Hail – Comprehensive Auto Insurance in Texas (TX)

If you live in Texas, chances are you’ve seen the damage hail storms can cause. According to insurance regulators, hail storms cause more damage than other weather events.

Unlike hurricanes, these hailstorms hit everyone in the state causing $1.7 billion in losses statewide, making hail the most costly peril. Texas had more hailstorms than any other state throughout the country last year.

According to the Department of Insurance in Texas, during the last 12 years over half of total losses paid by insured Texans were caused by hail which means hail events were more expensive than both hurricanes and tornadoes combined.

Coverage For Loss Caused By Hail

Standard home insurance polices will cover damage caused by hail. However, a special deductible may apply. It’s important to read over your policy to be sure you know what’s covered or excluded. As far as coverage for your vehicle, you’ll need comprehensive auto insurance to protect you financially from damage caused to your vehicle from hail.

Comprehensive coverage is a great coverage to have as it covers your vehicle for any damage caused to it by anything other than an accident. If a tree falls on your car, comprehensive insurance covers it. If your vehicle is vandalized or even stolen – comprehensive auto insurance will cover you.

Cheap Comprehensive Auto Insurance Plans

To find low cost comprehensive auto insurance in Texas be sure to shop around. Our quote service gives you the ability to request quotes from multiple agents by filling out a single form. Comparison shopping can save you hundreds each year on auto insurance.

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