Alabama Drivers Must Now Show Proof For Tags

A new law went into effect which will require drivers to provide proof of coverage before renewing the tags on a vehicle. [Read More...]  Read More →

California State Insurance Program Participation Increases 18.9%

The CLCA, California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program saw an increase of approximately 18.9% in 2009. [Read More...]  Read More →

Prepare For Hail – Comprehensive Auto Insurance in Texas (TX)

If you live in Texas, chances are you’ve seen the damage hail storms can cause. According to insurance regulators, hail storms cause more damage than other weather events. [Read More...]  Read More →

Al Baze, Your Awesome | Neighbor Saves Family From Burning Home

Insurance may protect you financially, but one thing it won’t do is pull you out of a blazing home. That’s where great people like Al Baze come in – people that put their own lives at risk for the well being of others. Here’s what happened… [Read More...]  Read More →

Hurricane Sandy Causes $10 Billion in Damage

Tim Devaney, of the Washington Times, shared some information on the damage caused by the Hurricane and compares the estimated flood loss with some of the other major storms we’ve had in the past. [Read More...]  Read More →

Illinois Health Insurers Pleased With Obama’s Re-election

Insurance Navy, Insurance Brokerage based out of Chicago, Illinois, says health insurance companies throughout the state are ecstatic with Obama’s re-election. [Read More...]  Read More →